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See who's online, quickly find the most suitable match right now.

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The ible app is a trusted instant social square.

Meeting new friends and expanding your social circle? Looking for someone to date, encountering your crush? Traveling together, exploring the exciting world? Attending parties or events, enjoying nightlife? Or perhaps seeking like-minded individuals to chat with and share mutual interests. You can discover social circles on ible for various topics and quickly find the most suitable match based on your interests or needs.

Farewell to boredom, ible makes your life more exciting!

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No need to register accounts, freely create multiple personal profile cards to meet your various social needs.

Be yourself! Join social clubs that interest you, share your ideas, match with real users and exchange contact information.

Easily manage your online status in each social club according to your needs, to avoid being disturbed.

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Explore social clubs

Social clubs gather people of similar interests or based on common topics, focusing on connecting members who currently have social needs.

Explore interesting social clubs around you, expand your social circle, and build meaningful relationships. ible brings together enthusiasts of all kinds, there's always one that suits you.

The ible app will list and recommend public social clubs. You can also join more private clubs through invitation links or QR codes.

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Create your clubs

Bring together a event, community or more. Create social clubs according to your ideas, providing members with convenient and private ways to connect.

You can:

* Set club privacy. Private clubs require approval or the use of a PassKey for joining.

* Set club duration. Services will automatically terminate and all data will be deleted after the club expires.

* Set gender protection. The protected party has priority in contact.

* Set tags. Members with the same tags match easier.

* Restrict members' age.

* Restrict members' gender.

* Restrict members' sexual orientation.

* Restrict photo sources. You can request members to use the in-app front camera for selfies, ensuring authentic photos.

* Restrict members' automatic offline time (AOT); Members automatically go offline after a certain time of inactivity.

* Add badges for members.

* Use personal or organizational server to store club and members' data.

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Safe &Private

ible protects your privacy, allowing you to socialize with peace of mind.

* Personal profile data such as nickname, gender, bio, photos, etc., are uploaded and stored on the server only when joining or creating a club, using end-to-end encryption, visible only to members of the same club.

* Contact information is transmitted encrypted using the Diffie-Hellman security protocol, visible only to the paired parties.

* Friend relationships are stored only on mobile devices and permanently deleted from the network server once a match is successful.

* No tracking and analysis of user data.

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ible Connect 

ible Connect, IC is our introduced partner program, offering various solutions to drive business growth. Upon joining the partner program, you can engage with ible products, technology, and market solutions to gain additional benefits. IC also assists you in developing collaborative relationships with other partners.

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